Design Professional Program

CR Floors Design Professional Program

CR Floors Design Professional Program is fully committed to providing interior design entrepreneurs with expert guidance and flooring excellence that is unparalleled. It offers designers full access to our beautifully arranged showrooms as well as sharp pricing on an array of quality products due to our tremendous buying power. We also offer extensive knowledge to designers and provide opportunities for your customers that are one of a kind.

CR Floors professional personnel and magnificent showrooms have the incredible capability of servicing interior designers throughout Western Washington! Our showrooms contain endless choices of quality flooring products from all major and specialty manufacturers. We also offer professional installation and site management with every job.

Choice pricing, convenient showroom locations, quality installation and beautiful products are all remarkable qualities to have in a business resource. With these unique qualities in tact, it is easy to see why CR Floors is the Interior Designers Choice when it comes to Flooring Products and Services!

For more information or to set up an appointment concerning the Design Professional Program, please contact CR Floors Inc.