Field Tech

Location:The Field Tech role is fully remote/travel required for the I-90 < North region.

Prior to start of Project

Attend and be an integral part of all pre construction meetings for the project

Review products and installation requirements provided by project manager 

Develop relationship with project site super and/or project manager

Field measure unit types and common areas, check against quantities in book and report any changes to sales

Deliver safety program to site

Perform moisture tests if required and send results to project manager

Start of Project

Attend weekly safety meetings

Organize & schedule material deliveries with builder to ensure fork lift or crane access is available for installers

Ensure that correct amount of materials are being sent out with installers – report if there is excess materials to be sent back to warehouse after building completion 

Report any shortage of materials to project manager

Review schedules and oversee installers on site to ensure we stay on schedule

Report manpower shortages to scheduling and/or project manager

Report scheduling conflicts and on site reschedules to scheduling

Check on installer groups by phone during weekend work when required

Post walk installs. Pre punch our work, notify installer to repair

Review contractor punch lists and forward to scheduling - work with installers and scheduling for completion

Notify accounting if installer does not complete punch so we can hold payment until complete.

Extra Work Authorization must be filled out for quantity of materials and hours of labor and signed by the contractor – these are sent to project manager for processing

Inform project manager of installation status monthly for billing purposes

End of Project

Perform final walk thru of project

Keep close to site thru final stages of punch

Assist with delivery of Attic Stock and/or bringing excess material back to warehouse