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Feature the soft, natural look of contemporary stone in your home with Affinity. A warm neutral color palette contributes to this product’s authentic and stylish look. Affinity eases the design process, offering floor, wall, mosaic and trim tile.


- Subtle movement and features reminiscent of limestone contribute to its authentic natural stone look

- Warm, neutral color palette


- Ideal complement to contemporary designs and modern décor

- Coordinating wall, floor, mosaic and trim add finishing design touches

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Amity Come home to effortless design with the sleek glass wall tile and mosaic collection, Amity™. Offered in two modern shapes, Amity is a clean-lined choice for backsplashes and decorative accents. While giving a nod to a vintage aesthetic, Amity brings a contemporary update to your home with monochromatic colors in an inviting neutral palette.<br> <br> • DÉCOR OPPORTUNITY<br> -- Featured in five monochromatic colors<br> -- Available in a 3 x 6 glass wall tile and a glass random linear mosaic<br><br> • MODERN UPDATES<br> -- Crafted from smooth, sheen glass<br> -- A neutral backdrop for surrounding décor Color Line

Anchorage Revive modern minimalism with the Anchorage™ collection. The versatility of the collection’s neutral palette lies in its understated shade variation, guaranteeing that your décor and accent choices always stand out. Delivering a crisp, clean look in both polished and unpolished finishes, Anchorage promises pristine style for the ages.<br><br> • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION<br> -- Crafted from premium double-load ColorBody™ porcelain<br> -- Perfect for high-traffic spaces<br><br> • RELIABLE VERSATILITY<br> -- Featured in three contemporary sizes and seven neutral hues<br> -- Available in both polished and unpolished finishes Color Line

Aviano Create your feature wall with the compelling linear structure of Aviano™. Aviano’s defined texture delivers a clean, subtle design in a monochromatic color palette, perfect for walls and backsplashes. • LINEAR FRAMEWORK -- Compelling linear design creates a clean, contemporary and structured look -- Offered in four modern, monochromatic colors: Verona White, Belluno Beige, Trentino Greige and Civetta Grey • SIMPLY STYLISH -- On-trend 10 x 14 rectangular wall tile available in a satin finish -- Coordinating monochromatic jolly trim Color Line

Balans Escape into the gentle elegance of natural limestone with Balans™. This transitional design offered in four restful, neutral colors is perfect for creating a balanced, relaxing atmosphere. Balans offers the ultimate design source with its complete line of floor, wall, mosaic and trim. • SOOTHING NATURALS -- Gentle elegance of natural stone in a modern, neutral color scheme -- Soft veining of natural limestone creates a comfortable and calming space • HARMONIOUS SELECTIONS -- Comprehensive floor, wall, mosaic offering, including a 4 x 12 wall tile and 2 x 4 straight-joint mosaic -- Trim package available for a complete, finished design Color Line

Bath Accessories Ceramic Bath Accessories are offered in a wide range of colors that have a contemporary design, brilliant and lasting beauty. Resin Bath Accessories provide the perfect complement to any natural stone installation.


Renew your space with the dramatic look of Brickwork. This modern twist on trend favorite uses random shade variation and distressed edges to emulate brick traditionally found in historic metropolitan architecture and design. Brickwork is ideal for adding warmth, texture and a historic feel to a room. With its size options and diverse color palette, Brickwork is the ideal product to add an urban touch to your space.


- Shade variation, distressed edges and weathering texture emulate the look of antique brick

- Adds warm, historic feel to rooms

- Visual reminiscent of exposed brick commonly found in urban architecture


- Two sizes available that can be used together to create authentic designs

- Offered in six colors to complement multiple design styles

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Brixton Color Line

Cascading Waters Inspired by the beauty of shimmering waterfalls and their rocky pools below, the Cascading Waters™ glass mosaic collection brings an exquisite touch to any wall. This 4 x random straight stacked mosaic can be installed horizontally or vertically to create striking designs. Cascading Waters is available in six colors that reflect the natural beauty of the Earth, including three blends. • BEAUTY IS IN THE DETAILS -- Rich colors with subtle touches of glimmer and shine -- Beautiful contrast across the 3-dimensional framed rectangle of each unique mosaic piece -- Random straight stacked pattern can be installed horizontally or vertically • DESIGN POSSIBILITIES -- Three monochromatic mosaics and three blends for a total of six earth-inspired, natural colors -- Dimensional molten glass in a 4 x random straight stacked mosaic -- Can be cut into 4 x 12 decorative accents Color Line

Continental Slate The intriguing colors and cleft surface of Continental Slate are a near perfect recreation of natural slate. Its inspired tones have a high degree of shade variation, so they complement practically any decor. Made of porcelain, Continental Slate is not only durable enough for kitchens, baths, and living areas, it can also be used in demanding outdoor and commercial environments. Color Line

Delegate Delegate represents a contemporary and versatile design option for today’s spaces. The diagonal visual on this ColorBody™ porcelain tile is the subtle evidence of nature’s powerful geological movements. Gentle color movement in the white and grey shades offers a slight visual distinction from the darker, monochromatic black hue. This sedimentary slate-inspired design offers a rich visual with depth and interest in two tile sizes – plus a 20 x 40 tile paver in 2cm thickness suitable for exterior applications. Harmonize floor tile with a random linear mosaic or 3D brick-joint mosaic for a comprehensive stone look.<br><br> • TECTONIC MOVEMENT<br> -- Compressed slate visual in four stately shades: off white, light grey, dark grey and black<br> -- The diagonal movement of slate in durable ColorBody™ porcelain tile<br><br> • ELEVATED FLEXIBILITY<br> -- Two floor tile sizes plus a 20 x 40 tile paver in 2cm thickness<br> -- Rectified edges for smaller grout joints<br> -- Random linear mosaic, 3D mosaic and trim package available Color Line

Diplomacy Diplomacy deftly delivers the quiet strength and visual beauty of quarried Belgian bluestone. Diplomacy is available in three smoky hues that come alive with movement created by delicate highlights of light greys and whites. Large format floor tiles paired with a coordinating brick-joint mosaic create a magnificent space crowned by an authentic stone look. Diplomacy expands your outdoor living space to a patio or garden with the 24 x 24 tile pavers in 2 cm thickness creating a seamless transition from interior to exterior.<br><br> • BLUESTONE BRILLIANCE<br> -- Natural look of quarried Belgian bluestone in durable ColorBody™ porcelain tile<br> -- Three smoky, grey tonalities in a brushed stone surface<br><br> • DESIGN SELECTION<br> -- Three floor tile sizes including a 24 x 48, brick-joint mosaic and trim package available<br> -- Rectified edges for smaller grout joint installation<br> -- 24 x 24 available in 2cm thickness for exterior applications Color Line

Fabric Art Inspired by the drape of luxurious textiles, Fabric Art™ uses the weaving mill as a muse, delivering porcelain tile that begs to be touched. Woven, linear and kaleidoscope patterns create a subtle reaction to light and deliver ultimate style for today’s modern spaces, bringing your vision to life. Each texture can stand alone as a centerpiece, or serve as a well-orchestrated pairing.<br><br> • ABSTRACT ART VISUAL<br> -- Features an unpolished finish and gradient, textural variation<br> -- Available in a modern, neutral palette<br><br> • STRIKING VERSATILITY<br> -- Offered in six colors and four decorative accent blends that can be used to create one-of-a-kind designs<br> -- Available in two floor tile sizes and a 1 x 3 straight-joint mosaic<br> -- Offers endless possibilities for mixing textures and colors to achieve a personalized look Color Line

Fabrique Color Line

Fashion Accents Color Line

Festiva Festiva makes short work of creating attractive applications. Modern colors and multiple sizes are hallmarks of this fashionable, coordinated tile. Festiva's color palette includes over twenty colors with a warm feel - colors that reflect today's natural sensibilities and coordinate with our Natural Hues floor tile. A non-stock item that is made to order, Festiva's many field tile sizes are complemented by a broad trim offering. Color Line


Timeless style meets advanced technology with Formula. This sleek, double-load porcelain tile is engineered for optimal durability, adding stylish design to high-traffic spaces and lasting sophistication to any floor or wall application. Available in seven natural colors in polished and unpolished finishes, this versatile tile is impressive in both form and function.


- Advanced double-layered technology allows optimum durability

- Even high-traffic areas can achieve exceptional style with this contemporary yet timeless look


- Available in seven versatile colors in polished or unpolished finishes

- Ideal for commercial, institutional or residential floor and wall applications

- Offered in 12 x 24, 24 x 24 and 24 x 48 sizes with coordinating trim

Color Line

Idyllic Blends Be inspired by the intriguing geometric shapes of Idyllic Blends™. Influenced by cubic art, linear and hexagonal mosaics are pieced together randomly for a visually captivating appearance. Idyllic Blends was designed to stand out, making it perfect for walls and backsplashes. The collection playfully brings together cool undertones and warm shades.<br><br> • OUTSTANDING DESIGN<br> -- Captivating stone and wood visuals<br> -- Unique combination of cool and warm shades<br><br> • ARTISTIC APPROACH<br> -- Color and gradient variation for an unexpected, exciting design<br> -- Random linear and 2-inch hexagon mosaics<br> -- Available in four mixed-shade color blends Color Line

Illuminary Step beyond ordinary and create an unforgettable feature wall with Illuminary™. With its mesmerizing hues and calming influence, Illuminary creates walls with beguiling glamour. Available in three unique mosaic patterns, comprised of eight iridescent color blends and four solid colors, complimented by three decorative liners, Illuminary elevates any space. Modified Herringbone, Accordion and Oscillating mosaics feature a parallelogram assembled in three beautiful patterns, which can be effortlessly paired with a coordinating decorative liner. • AN EYE FOR INTRIGUE -- Parallelogram assembled in three unique mosaic patterns -- Mosaics available in eight iridescent color blends and four solid colors -- Liners available in six solid colors • ENLIGHTENED DESIGN -- Three mosaic patterns: Modified Herringbone, Accordion and Oscillating -- Three decorative liner designs: Bar, Convergent and Twist Color Line

Ironcraft Walking through old factories and warehouses, one is reminded of centuries past – an era of the rugged, industrial artisan. Ironcraft™ owes its roots to the American craftsman who inspired this collection. This porcelain tile resembles bare concrete, brushed and burnished with oxidized metals. Ironcraft is the perfect surface for lofts, studios and chic industrial spaces.<br><br> • URBAN APPEAL<br> -- Sweeping iron and cement graphics for striking lines and dimension<br> -- Dual texture treatment achieves a daring contrast<br> -- Available in unpolished and light polished finishes<br><br> • ARTISAN’S TOOLBOX<br> -- Tile and 2 x 2 mosaic available in five modern metallic colors<br> -- Featured in three floor tile sizes<br> -- Random interlocking mosaic available in three color blends, combining light polished and unpolished finishes Color Line

Keystones In a wide variety of colors ranging from earth tones to brights, Keystones ceramic mosaics borrow nature's beauty as well as its strength. Keystones will resist frost, weathering, staining and fading, and are virtually waterproof. Inorganic stains are precisely blended with procelain raw materials and kiln-fired to create Keystones' distinctive look. Color Line

Kimona Silk Color Line

Koncrete Bring home the perfect blend of soft cement and fabric visuals with Koncrete™. This modern aesthetic offered in a balanced, neutral color palette is perfect for bringing out the softer side of minimalism. Paired with the coordinating geo-patterned Maderno or Catena accents, you’ll transform your space into the perfect gathering spot for friends and family. • CONCRETE AND FABRIC CHIC -- Soft concrete and fabric looks perfectly blended in a stylish color palette -- Modern design is ideal for elevating the space on a budget • CONTEMPORARY LIFESTYLE -- Complete floor, wall, mosaic and trim offering including a 4 x 12 wall tile -- Decorative wall accent offered in two geo-pattern designs in warm and cool tones Color Line

Liners Accent your tile with our full selection of Liner tiles. Available in a wide variety of colors and textures. Liners are ideal for adding that finishing touch. Color Line

Matte The subdued, low-luster finish of this glazed interior tile sets it apart from other tiles. Tasteful colors also add to the appeal of Matte tile, available in a variety of gentle earth tones. Color Line

Metal Fusion Color Line

Modern Dimensions Color Line

Modernist Modernist™ offers the retro look of terrazzo inspired by a mid-century design aesthetic. This collection’s dynamic, unpolished texture and subtle flecked look bring exciting dimension to the surface. A time-honored visual offers ease and style, sure to make a statement with surrounding décor and accents.<br><br> • RETRO AESTHETIC<br> -- Inspired by mid-century style<br> -- Designed with the composite appearance of terrazzo<br><br> • DYNAMIC OPTIONS<br> -- Large format 24 x 24 rectified floor tile and coordinating 3 x 24 bullnose<br> -- Neutral color palette in popular, versatile color tones Color Line

Natural Hues For variety, color options and versatility in design, no tile can outdo Natural Hues. With this tile, you can create customized murals, borders and patterns. Choose from a smooth finish or two abrasive styles, depending on the look or effect you want. The abrasive is applied under the glaze without impacting the color. Color Line

Panoramic Porcelain Surfaces Panoramic Porcelain Surfaces™ features porcelain that performs and design that delivers for your walls, floors and countertops. This collection offers breathtaking views, stunning visuals and seamless design with no boundaries. Color Line

Permabrites With a radiant high-gloss finish, these small-unit mosaic tiles enrich any design scheme. Use them to add the brilliance of a rainbow to any room. Since Permabrites resist fading and staining, their shining colors last year after year. Color Line

Permatones These small-unit mosaic tiles enhance any design with the brillant colors of the rainbow. And since they have a durable, matte finish Permatones will resist fading and staining to keep their vivid color. Color Line

Polaris Polaris tile is as fresh as meadow flowers. The group is anchored by a pure white field tile so brilliant, it's almost iridescent. It's offered in undulated and semi-gloss surfaces. In addition, the group features a rich, lustrous almond field tile in a gloss surface. Color Line

Porcealto Serenely beautiful, yet tremendously strong and durable, Porcealto is a study in contrasts. With its fashionably luxurious look, you would never guess that it can withstand the toughest stains and even frost. Evenly colored throughout its porcelain body, Porcealto will retain its magnificence for years. Available in a range of colors and surface finishes, including polished, unpolished, textured and sandblasted. Color Line

Quarry Textures The unglazed, textured surface makes these pavers naturally stain- and slip-resistant. Available in six rustic color-through choices, Quarry Textures is the perfect choice for both residential and commercial floors. Color Line

Quarry Tile These unglazed quarry tiles are naturally stain- and slip-resistant, and are available with an abrasive grain for even greater traction. Color Line

Quartetto Create your own work of art with Quartetto™. The look of handmade, encaustic tile in an 8 x 8 porcelain offers eight selections of decorative patterns in both warm and cool palettes, giving you design freedom to make a space your own. Repeat a single decorative tile for a uniform pattern design or group multiple patterns with any of the eight solid colors to create unique combinations. Quartetto delivers flawless design options so you can decide just how much drama you want in your space. • FREEDOM AND FLEXIBILITY -- 8 x 8 floor tile available in 24 unique colors and patterns -- Eight decorative accents available in both warm and cool tones -- Eight solid colors coordinate with decorative tile • MAKE IT YOUR OWN -- Recurring single decorative tile design achieves a uniform pattern -- Combine different decorative tile designs with solids to create unique spaces Color Line

Reminiscent The Reminiscent™ floor collection offers an updated approach to smooth cement and stone visuals. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, Reminiscent offers special installation flexibility. Utilizing Stepwise™ technology for increased traction, the collection features an unpolished finish and a heightened three-dimensional effect. With modular floor tile sizes and a pressed ceramic mosaic, Reminiscent comes in timeless neutral hues.<br><br> • INSTALLATION FLEXIBILITY<br> -- Crafted from ColorBody™ porcelain and coordinating ceramic mosaic for a 3D visual<br> -- Floor tile with StepWise™ technology is suitable for exterior applications<br><br> • VERSATILE SELECTIONS<br> -- 12 x 24 and 12 x 12 floor tiles and a 2 x 2 mosaic<br> -- Featured in four neutral colors Color Line

Render Metals

Create a unique appeal with the handcrafted strength and sophistication of Render Metals. The invigorating look of traditional metal can now be an essential element in even the most moisture-prone interior wall spaces. From hospitality to high-end residences, four striking patterns and four metallic shades make every project look custom.


- The invigorating look of traditional metal can now energize moisture-prone interior wall spaces such as bathrooms and showers

- Achieve a high-end look that is also low maintenance


- Available in four striking patterns with four metallic shades to complement both rustic and modern designs

- Offered in an on trend longer size for maximum design impact

Color Line

Rittenhouse Square Rittenhouse Square takes the challenge out of coordinating design elements. This series of striking, 3"x6", matte and semi-gloss finish wall tiles includes everything from neutrals to brightly colored solids - colors designed to complement our popular wall and mosaic tile lines. Whether you're remodeiling a home or finishing out a commercial space, Rittenhouse Square and its matching 3"x6" trim simplify the task of creating exciting walls and backsplashes. Color Line

Saddle Brook XT

Make the outdoors even more beautiful by extending the hardwood look of Saddle Brook XT to exterior spaces with Saddle Brook XT. Designed to defeat exterior challenges,Saddle Brook XT features ??Brandname’s innovative StepWise™ technology. This patent-pending process combines superior slip-resistance with optimum cleanability, giving commercial applications and outdoor floors the warmth and look of natural wood without the worry of moisture damage. Available in four rich colors, this versatile tile makes every outdoor space a breath of fresh air.


- Achieve the look of authentic hardwood in exterior spaces without the maintenance

- Features Dal-Tile’s patent-pending StepWise technology for superior slip-resistance

- Available in four natural wood colors to complement both modern and traditional décor

Color Line

Semi Gloss Color Line

Sierra If you're looking for a tile that's as eye-catching as it is durable, try Dal-Tile's Sierra series. Subtle tone variations in this single-fired tile produce a striking visual effect in area installations. Sierra has a soft matte glaze and is also available with an abrasive surface for extra slip resistance. Color Line

Suretread and Pavers Suretread and Pavers' raised tread pattern prevents grease and water from building up beneath your feet. Its dense, pressed body and low moisture absorption make it durable enough for interior and exterior use and perfect for commercial applications. Color Line

Timber Glen Color Line

Veranda From a sense of casualness to sleek sophistication, Veranda's beauty lies in its versatility. This stylish tile is comfortable and understated and makes itself right at home in a wide range of environments. Paired with distinctive accents and trim, its available in a variety of sizes, which makes for fresh pattern options. Rich, progressive colors come alive in a look that is evocative of smooth, stained concrete. With its clean, graceful artistry, Veranda suits a variety of tastes and complements today's eclectic lifestyles. Color Line

Vintage Hex With a firm grasp on antique style, the Vintage Hex™ collection captivates in a hexagon mosaic. A slight sheen finish modernizes the look, heightened by a limestone print that refreshes the beauty of natural stone. Textural depth heightens the collection’s wide, assorted palette. Vintage Hex holds onto the romantic aesthetic of times past, yet reinvigorates the design for today’s style sensibility.<br><br> • VISUAL DEPTH<br> -- Reveal Imaging® delivers the beauty of limestone<br> -- Luminescent finish<br><br> • DESIGN VERSATILITY<br> -- 1-1/2 inch hexagon mosaic featured in five colors<br> -- Hexagon shape complements a wide variety of interior design genres<br> -- Suitable for interior wet applications including shower floors Color Line

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